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Finally, A Golf GPS
That Does It All

Our courses are
professionally hand
mapped on the ground!
Sonocaddie V500
Learn more about the Golf GPS V500 Pre-loaded touchscreen model
combines best of all
golf GPS features
● Preloaded Color Course Layouts and Yardage
● Sunlight Viewable Touch Screen
● Touch Point Positioning
● No Annual Fees, No Membership Fees
● Over 30,000 Courses Worldwide Available

Learn more about the Sonocaddie V500
Sonocaddie V350 Plus
V350 Plus Preloaded with all Mapped
Australian Courses in 3D

No Annual Fees and No Membership Fees Ever

No Downloading Needed (buy and play)

Play Your Course in 4 Easy Steps

Green View
  Sonocaddie V350
Preloaded with Course Data
● No Annual Fees
● Preloaded with Basic View Data
● Compatible with Full Color Layouts Downloads (Available as an Option)
Learn more about the Sonocaddie V350
V300 Exclusive full 3D color layout! Learn more about the Sonocaddie V300
V100 Lightest and Easiest Pocket Device! Learn more about the Sonocaddie V100
Sonocaddie V500
Improve your game with the Sonocaddie V500 Golf GPS. The V500 gives you the precise distance information you need to achieve a higher level of performance.
Preloaded Color Course Layouts and Yardage Guide
Here's the great news, no more downloading needed! Sonocaddie V500 eliminates the downloading process by preloading all available mapped courses in your country, providing golfers with precise distance information from any point on the course. Sonocaddie's revolutionary user interface actually shows YOUR position on the course. As you move to the next stroke location, your position is shown and the distances to each critical target are continually updated and shown in real time!
No Annual Fees
Here's even better news! With Sonocaddie there are no annual fees!
Sunlight Viewable Touch Screen
The high resolution backlight screen is viewable even in bright sunlight.
Touch Point Positioning
Sonocaddie V500 allows you to touch any point on the color layout screen or satellite image of the hole, and immediately see the distance from you to that point- and from that point to the green.
Digital Scorecard and Game Analysis
Eliminate your paper scorecard. The Sonocaddie will automatically calculate the total score with the simple touch of a button, so you will easily know how you did on the front 9 and the back 9 holes. At the end of eighteen, Sonocaddie will present a summary of your round complete with statistics and the score.
Track Your Game
Sonocaddie can record locations for each shot right on the screen, and can automatically trace waypoints during the round. The information can be stored to Sonocaddie so you may review the round and each shot at a later date.
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